John Souffront, Author at XpressID

Create Your Own ID

  Professional Staff IDs Online With XpressID. Putting together a new ID card for new staff and team members in the professional workplace shouldn’t have to be a hassle. Yet so many people find that using an online ID generator can be rife with opportunities for error.   From clumsy website structures to a lack


ID Card for Walker Realtors

  Not only do these aluminum badge holders protect your ID, they also give it a nice metallic finish. Design your own at ow.ly/AvfU50jx0jM #WalkerRealtors #Xpressid #CustomID


Why Team up With an ID Card Printing Bureau

Okay, so you are a senior manager or CEO of a small to medium-sized company and you are concerned about inventory control or workplace security or some way of creating an orderly “employee flow” within your company. What would be the most cost-effective and efficient way to organize things? Implement an employee ID card The