Fargo DTC1500XE ID Card Printer

Printer Type: Single-Sided
Sale price$1,922.98


  • Printing Capability: Single-sided, Dual-sided
  • Print Technology: Dye sublimation
  • Print Speed: Full-color, single-sided cards in 16 seconds & monochrome in 6
  • Input/Output Hopper: 100/100 cards

The Fargo DTC1500XE ID card printer features advanced data and card security options.


Built-in Custom Watermark Overlay

Adding visual security to your cards is easy with the built-in custom watermark overlay feature. This allows you to use the overlay panel of the ribbon to print a customized transparent image or text over your cards – making it easier for you to spot authentic cards.

This custom watermark overlay can be any design, logo, or text you wish, allowing you to design it specifically for your organization instead of choosing from generic pre-designed options. And it doesn't cost extra or requires specialized ribbons or equipment!


Resin Scramble Data Protection

If you need to protect the information you print on your cards, you'll want the resin scramble data protection built into the DTC1500XE. The resin (K) panel is used to print black text and barcodes.

When you print a card, a sort of negative image is left on the ribbon that shows what you printed – for organizations with high-security standards, this can be a problem if someone gets ahold of the ribbons. The DTC1500XE printer will render the resin panel unreadable after printing, masking any data you may have printed on your cards.

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