Magicard Prima 4 Uno Reverse Transfer Printer

Lamination: None
Sale price$4,134.95


  • Printing Capability: Single-sided
  • Print Technology: Reverse transfer
  • Print Speed: Full-color single-sided cards in 45 seconds
  • Input/Output Hopper: 100/100

Designed for high-volume ID card issuance, the Magicard Prima 4 Uno is a powerful single-sided printer that produces durable and secure IDs for a wide range of applications.

High-Quality Reverse Transfer Printing

The printer uses an innovative reverse-transfer printing process in which card images are first printed on the underside of a clear film. The film is then affixed to the card surface. The resulting ID cards feature clear and detailed images and text and are well-protected from tampering.

Reverse-transfer printing is also the preferred method when creating cards with uneven surfaces, for instance, those with embedded electronics.

Easy High-Volume Card Management

The Magicard Prima 4 is built to handle the needs of high-volume, high-security applications such as government ID programs, corporate identification programs, and many more. The printer supports Ethernet connectivity for remote operation over a network.

While it's designed for large-scale ID card issuance, the Prima 4 Uno is very user-friendly. Ribbon and reverse-transfer film cartridges slide into place without hassle, and the printer's graphical driver displays automatic cleaning prompts and consumables status updates. The Prima 4 Uno works very fast and is capable of producing up to 80 full-color cards in an hour.


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