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Putting together a new ID card for new staff and team members in the professional workplace shouldn’t have to be a hassle. Yet so many people find that using an online ID generator can be rife with opportunities for error.


From clumsy website structures to a lack of features that enable customization to the possibility that when you receive your printed ID, it looks wildly dissimilar to the one that you ordered, it can be such a hassle to create your own professional work IDs that you may even try to make them on site yourself. It’s possible, but it probably won’t look professional.

XpressID makes it easy for you to create customized, professional ID cards right on our website.

staff id badges


The process is simple, user-friendly and hassle-free, and we use the highest-quality materials and equipment to guarantee that the end product is one you’ll be proud to represent your company.


Whether you want every ID card to bear a customized appearance or if you want every ID card for each employee to have an identical background to keep your brand visual uniform across the board, we work closely with you to determine the design that matches your vision perfectly and create your perfect ID cards.


We can even program your ID cards with any kind of technology you need, including barcoding, magnetic customization, QR codes, NFC and more. If you need your ID cards to include inline programming as they’re being printed, we do that too!


Our ID badges are the epitome of professional perfection, with no clumsy white borders, dual-sided printing, durable lamination made to withstand the demands of any work environment, and we offer laser engraving.


Don’t leave your professional ID cards to chance.


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