Gift Cards

Not sure if your business needs a gift card?
Here are three questions you need to ask yourself.

  • Could it use extra cash?
  • Additional profit?
  • More returning customers?

All three points are persuasive arguments for implementing a gift card program, but here are a few more facts: The average amount placed on a gift card is just over $200. Gift card recipients will on average spend 20% over and above the initial value of the card. Ten to fifteen percent of them do not redeem the entire value of their gift card.

How is that for incentive to get moving on that gift card program NOW?

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Gift cards continue to be the popular choice for gift giving, with those numbers increasing each year. Your business needs to be in on that action! Your customers WANT to buy gift cards from you. Custom gift cards are an excellent way to increase your brand awareness and an easy way to gain referrals and new customers. It’s a win-win situation for all.

You can rely on XpressID  team of experienced card printing specialists to guide you through the process of having your gift cards custom printed for your business — and make that process of buying gift cards online a painless one —


  • High quality full color printing
  • Pantone color printing available
  • Teslin or PVC
  • Variety of finishes
  • Magnetic stripe options
  • Bar codes, QR Codes, variable data
  • Signature panel
  • Scratch-off area
What is your slice of that pie?

The gift card is expected to be close or break
the $100
billion mark this year. What is your

slice of that lucrative pie?
XpressID custom
gift cards work with your existing point-of-
sale equipment. If you don’t have a point-of
-sale program, we can recommend one.

Make a Strong Presentation

You’ve spent time and effort into developing a card that is worthy of your branding. Ensure a great gift card presentation with a gift card holder (or carrier).

XpressID card holders and presenters are professionally printed in full color on quality card stock, are scored for easy folding and have two slits for easy gift card insertion.

Convenient to sell

XpressID hanging cards are made of plastic or card stock, and feature a broad display of color and design area for your gift card.

Conveniently hang on a display (ask us!) near your cash register, and they are in the prime spot for impulse buying. The gift card section has a score to easily detach and present.

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