Plastic Business Cards

Plastic Business Cards

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  • Give your business much needed attention!
  • Capture and hold your customers attention.
  • Quickly pay for itself by increasing your sales.
  • Display the uniqueness of your products and or services.
  • Instead of being thrown away they are passed on.
  • Create buzz about your business
  • Create a Lasting First Impression
  • Make your business more money
  • Make a Strong Marketing Statement
  • Stand out from your competition

As a professional, when you hand out your business card, you want people to hang on to it and remember you! The last thing you want is for your business card in a pile with the rest of the archaic business cards they get on a regular basis. Plastic business cards help your business stand out. Plastic business cards are a unique way to get your contacts to sit up and take notice of you and your company.

Xpress ID Cards offers a range of plastic card printing services, which produce high-quality plastic cards to suit any need. Full card design service is available, or we can accept your camera ready art. No matter your needs, Xpress ID  Cards is your premier printer for plastic business cards. We manufacture plastic business cards to help you get recognized by other professionals. By giving people a strong, plastic card rather than a traditional paper card, they are more likely to keep your card and remember you.

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