Custom Photo ID Badge (Horizontal)

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Our High definition custom Cards are great for any kind of business or organization looking to improve security or branding within in their company. All of our cards are made of High-quality Composite PVC material and are made to last for years. You can customize our cards 100% to your taste and style.


  • Full-Color Front & Back
  • Made from Composite PVC  for higher durability
  • Card Size ( 2.25 x 3.50 )
  • No embedded Technology ( can be included as an add-on)

Add-On Features:

Holographic Overlaminate

  • Wraps card with a 1 mil thick protection film
  • The film has a holographic three-dimensional image formed by the interference of light beams from a laser.
  • Provides additional security layer to prevent cloning or duplication.
  • Greater professional appearance.

Id card lamination






Hole/Slot Punch

  • Slot punch allows cards to be punctured on the top side, in order to allow a lanyard or badge clip to attach on.

slot punch close-up






Flat Non-Breakaway Lanyards With Steel Bulldog Clip

  • Available Colors: Black, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Red, Maroon, White, Orange Green, Yellow, Teal
  • 3/8″ Wide, Flat Lanyard
  • 36″ Total Circumference, Perfect Size For Displaying Credentials.
  • Steel Bulldog Clip For Attaching to ID Badges and More.
  • Non-Breakaway
  • Custom colors please call  800-585-1093

Blue Lanyard




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