Prepaid Badges

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Store credit discounts are great for clients who want to lock in  the bulk order prices today to save money on future badge orders.

This will benefit growing business who plan to badge in small batches but want to

For example, let’s say you plan to hire 100 employees in the near future but at the present moment you only have 10 employees ready for badging. You simply buy one of our store credit plans which range from 50 credits- 500 credit packages. Once you have purchased t Once your ready to badge the other 90 hires you simply log-in to your account and begin to personalize there badges.


This is a great way for growing businesses to save big on large bulk orders.

For organizations that are planning to badge their staff throughout in small batchese at a time this is ideal.

For a limited time, if your purchase is at least $1,000, stop by the ProServices desk before you check out and request a quote. Your ProServices specialist will process your order and supply you with a customized quote within minutes (for most purchases).

Volume Discount Pricing quotes are good for 30 days. Visit your local ProServices desk to learn more and start saving.

Offers subject to change and may not be available in all Lowe’s stores.