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Custom ID Badge (Vertical)


Our Photo ID badge are 3.50″ x 2.25″ and made from Composite PVC plastic.
Our cards are very durable and stiff (similar to a credit card). Customize your card using our Online Badge Creator.

Add-On Features:

Holographic Overlaminate

  • Wraps card with a 1 mil thick protection film
  • The film has a holographic three-dimensional images formed by the interference of light beams from a laser.
  • Provides additional security layer to prevent cloning or duplication.
  • Greater professional appearance.

Id card lamination


Slot Punch

  • Slot punch allows cards to be punctured on the top side, in order to allow a lanyard or badge clip to attach on.

slot punch close-up

Lanyards With Steel Bulldog Clip

  • 3/8″ Wide, Flat Lanyard
  • 36″ Total Circumference, Perfect Size For Displaying Credentials.
  • Steel Bulldog Clip For Attaching to ID Badges and More.
  • Non-Breakaway
  • Available Colors: Black, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Red, Maroon, White, Orange Green, Yellow, Teal
  • Custom colors please call  800-585-1093

Blue Lanyard

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Weight 2.00 oz

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