Detachable 5/8" Microweave Lanyards – Pack of 100

Color: Black
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  • Detachable 5/8" Flat Microweave Lanyards

    These Detachable 5/8" Microweave Lanyards make it trouble-free to store an ID card, keys, and other necessities on your lanyard. The durable attachments detach for easy use. Choose from six colors, all with a detachable trigger hook attachment. Lanyards are 5/8" flat microweave material and 36" long. Pack of 100.

    Safety Breakaway Clips

    Breakaway lanyards have plastic clips in them that will break open if six pounds of pressure or more is applied to the lanyard. This prevents them from causing accidents in caught on machinery, snagged by doors or handles, or grabbed. Breakaway lanyards are highly recommended for all industries.

    Variety of Colors

    These lanyards are available in six colors:

    • Black
    • Royal Blue
    • Green
    • Navy Blue
    • White
    • Red

    Trigger Hook Attachment

    This lanyard is only available with a trigger hook attachment. This style of attachment is easy to use and can hold more than one card at a time. Because the hook is thin and swivels around, however, your cards can flip from front to back.

    This makes them a good choice for cardholders who need to keep cards easily at hand, but not for programs that require badges to stay facing forward for security.

    Custom Lanyards Available

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