DuraClean™ 86177 Complete Printer Cleaning Kit for Fargo Printers - Cleaning Cards & Swabs

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DuraClean™ DC-86177 Printer Cleaning Kit for Fargo printers is the easy, cost-effective way to ensure the optimal performance for your Fargo direct-to-card ID printer. Dirt, dust, and other debris in the air can degrade the image quality on printed cards, and it can also cause significant damage to the printhead and other important parts of your printer.


When you clean your Fargo card printer on a regular basis, you can depend on ideal image quality along with extended printer longevity. AlphaCard recommends using a DuraClean printer cleaning kit for your Fargo printer every time you replace your ID printer's ribbon.

Compatibility: This card printer cleaning kit is compatible with the following Fargo card printers: M30, M30e, C30, C30e, C50, DTC300, DTC400, DTC400e, DTC1000, DTC1000M, DTC1000Me, DTC1250e, DTC1500, DTC4000, DTC4250e, DTC4500, DTC4500e, DTC1500, and DTC1500xe.

DuraClean DC-86177 cleaning card kits comes with 3 extended cleaning cards, 10 adhesive cleaning cards for your printer's card rollers, and 4 cleaning swabs.

Compatible with: Fargo DTC1000, Fargo DTC1000Me, Fargo DTC1250e Dual-Sided, Fargo DTC1250e Single-Sided, Fargo DTC1500, Fargo DTC1500XE, Fargo DTC4000, Fargo DTC4250e Dual-Sided, Fargo DTC4250e Single-Sided, Fargo DTC4500, Fargo DTC4500e Dual-Sided, Fargo DTC4500e Dual-Sided Laminating, Fargo DTC4500e Single-Sided, Fargo Persona C30, Fargo Persona C30e, Fargo Persona M30e

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