Entrust Datacard CR805 Card Printer with Lamination & Tactile Impression

Printer Type: Single-Sided
Lamination: Single-Sided
Tactile Impression Dies: Bank Design
Sale price$6,795.00


  • Single-sided, reverse transfer printer
  • Fast print times - print full color, single-sided cards in just 36 seconds
  • 125 card input hopper, 100 card output hopper
  • Pigment ink for brilliant, long-lasting colors and designs
  • 600 dpi print resolution ideal for small text, high-resolution barcodes, and other elements
  • Single or dual-sided lamination
  • Tactile impression for added visual & physical card security

The Entrust Datacard CR805 ID Card printer with an inline lamination module and tactile impression gives you complete, on-demand card printing solutions with stunning color, card material flexibility, security features, and the durability you need to create virtually any type of card you may need.


Secure Tactile Impression Printing

Entrust Datacard's unique patent-pending tactile impression creates card security you can see and feel. Using a tactile impression die, a design is physically impressed into your card. This makes it even hard to duplicate or tamper with the card the impression is made over the lamination, so it will tear if someone tries to remove the lamination film.

The basic design options include an Education design, Medical design, Global design, Security design, and a Bank design. Or you can create a custom, unique design for your business for even greater security. This can include your logo, seal, or crest.

When choosing tactile impression, you'll need to make two choices which die pattern you want, and the location on your card. You can impress the design more than once along the track, but must choose one:

  • Track 1: This track goes along the top of the card (horizontal)
  • Track 2: This track goes along the middle of the card (horizontal)
  • Track 3: This track goes along the lower half of the card (horizontal)

Please note that you should never use the tactile impression over a magnetic stripe, or smart card chip/antenna


Protect Your Cards with Lamination

The CR805 ID card printer comes standard with single-sided lamination, with an option for dual-sided lamination. An essential feature for making long-lasting cards, lamination works by applying a protective film (either clear or with a watermark-style design) over the top of your printed card.

This clear film gives you several benefits UV-blocking thick lamination film will protect your card design from fading quickly in sunlight; lamination will protect your card from day-to-day use, such as swiping cards in magnetic stripe readers, that may otherwise damage the card, and lamination makes it harder to tamper with a card.

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