Zebra ZC350 ID Card Printer

Printing Capability: Single-Sided
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  • Printing Capability: Single-sided or dual-sided
  • Print Technology: Dye sublimation
  • Print Speed: Full-color, single-sided cards in 16 seconds & monochrome in 4
  • Input/Output Hopper: 100/100 cards

The new Zebra ZC350 is a single-sided or dual-sided card printer designed for intuitive and powerful ID card printing and specialized ribbons for secure printing.

New Ribbons Unique to ZC350

With the ZC350, Zebra introduced several new ribbons designed to print longer-lasting, more secure cards:

  • Full-color ribbon with pearlescent resin, for adding color-shifting images to deter counterfeit cards
  • Full-color ribbon with silver panel & dye receptive layer for printing 3D effects, which also deters counterfeit cards
  • Full-color ribbon with a new long-lasting overlay that can be used in two ways – to provide x4 the normal durability of an overlay, or to add watermark graphics to cards to deter counterfeit cards

User-Friendly Features

A large full-color LED/LCD screen on the front of the printer makes it easy to see and understand printer error messages and information through text, icons, and animation. You can even use this screen to learn how to clear a card jam or load a new printer ribbon!

If you need to switch card thickness, for example from standard 30mil cards to thinner 10mil cards, you no longer need to adjust the card feeders – with the ZC350 the card feeder will automatically adjust, making it even easier to print whatever style of cards you need.

The new saloon-style doors on the output hopper also make it easier to grab your finished cards. Instead of opening a hopper, you can just reach in and pull out the card(s) that you need.

If you ever use the manual feed slot on your printer to print a single card, the ZC350 has even upgraded that process! The manual feed slot now has a light pipe that will help know where to insert your card and walk you through the manual card printing process, similar to the lights on an ATM.

And the newly designed printer ribbon cartridges have a doorknob style handle so you can easily pick up the ribbons and put them into the printer without fumbling to hold onto corners or sides as you slid the ribbon into place.

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