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Asure ID Enterprise 7 provides user-friendly tools for designing, printing, and managing ID cards and cardholder information in a networked environment. Ideal for organizations operating over a corporate network, the software allows multiple users in different departments to update and maintain multiple shared records in real-time.

  • Fully-featured software
  • Import/export external database
  • Signature capture & 2D barcodes
  • Excel/CSV/SQL connectivity
  • ODBC/OLE import/export

Asure ID Enterprise 7 easily meets the ID card needs of government agencies, large corporations, schools, businesses of all types and sizes, health care facilities, and more. The software provides all the tools required to manage secure card programs and allows users to quickly design top-quality photo ID cards with a variety of elements.

With Asure ID Enterprise 7 software, multiple workstations can share a common database. Enhanced database connectivity allows users to connect to a variety of external databases using Live Link for real-time data exchange. The software works with Microsoft Access and SQL databases and supports both ODBC import and export. It can also work with multiple tables within a single database.

Along with improved database connectivity, the software provides batch and sheet printing capabilities and features a new graphical interface based on the Microsoft Ribbon. This new interface places all of your options right in front of you, so no action is ever more than a mouse click or two away. Advanced ID card personalization in a networked environment has never been faster or easier.

The following Windows operating systems are supported by Asure ID Enterprise 7: Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8, as well as Windows 8 Pro Tablets for remote ID management.


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