CardStudio Classic Software

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Zebra CardStudio is an ID card software that is optimized to work with all Zebra card printers. The professional card design and card issuance software suite make it easy to design, encode, print, and connect to databases.

  • Entry-level software
  • 1D barcodes, mag encoding
  • Network print functionality
  • Compatible with Zebra printers

The CardStudio Classic edition is intended for use in entry-level card printing applications and includes full-color design capabilities and support for dual-sided cards. With design templates and a template designer, you can easily create professional-looking ID cards for your business or organization.

Classic allows you to add images to your cards from a variety of sources including VFW, TWAIN, WIA, DS, and FILE. 1D barcodes – Code 39, 128 – are supported as well. CardStudio Classic also comes with magnetic encoding ability and network print functionality.


CardStudio software is only compatible with Zebra printers.

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