CloudBadging Location Management Software - Health Screening

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CloudBadging Location Management Software provides you with an opportunity to better manage your incoming and outgoing guests through Health Screening management.

  • Screen up to 100 employees
  • 10 Screening questions
  • Employee Screening Induction (Policy Notification)
  • Set up alerts for up to 5 people when a screening is failed
  • Configuration for touchless sign-in reporting
  • 30-minute customer review and trainings

Save time and resources by setting up health screenings in CloudBadging Location Management. CloudBadging Location Management is a powerful application with an easy to use interface, but we understand not everyone wants to dedicate additional time to set up their account. With our professional CloudBadging Location Management Health Screening setup, one of our dedicated customer success managers will set up and configure your CLM account for health screening.

Screening Question Setup
Select your health screening questions from a list of standard questions or supply your own unique questions. Our team will set up and configure up to 25 screening questions for your account. Questions can be configured to deny entry or send an alert based on a specific answer. Each visitor or employee will be required to answer your questions before entry.

Touch-less Sign-in Configuration
Welcome your employees and visitors with a hygienic touch-free sign-in process. CloudBadging Location Management can be configured to allow your employees and visitors to answer your screening questions on their own devices. If desired, we will configure your kiosk to display a unique QR code. When scanned the QR code will bring the user to your unique log-in portal on their own device. They can answer all required screening questions without having to touch a shared device.

Employee Enrollment
Your employees must be added to the CloudBadging Location Management Portal before they are able to check-in. Our health screening setup service saves you time by doing this work for you. Simply provide us with a list of your workforce and we will do the work to add up to 100 employees as part of your setup.

Employee Education
Do you need to communicate health and safety protocols to your employees and have them acknowledge them? CloudBadging Location Management allows you to educate your employees on your policies and procedures before they can finish checking in. They can be required to acknowledge & pass specified training before proceeding. Your setup includes the configuration of up to two e-learning or education programs.

CloudBadging Location Management provides both real-time and historical reporting allowing you to meet compliance requirements and ensure the safety of your employees and visitors. Reporting is also used for contact tracing if you need to do so. With our Health screening setup service, we will configure up to 10 reports for you.

These features are not useful if you do not know how to use them. Each health screening setup includes 30 minutes dedicated to reviewing your account and showing you how to make future changes, run reports, and answer any questions you may have.


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