CloudBadging Location Management Software - Visitor Management Setup

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CloudBadging Location Management Visitor Setup Software provides you with an opportunity to better manage your incoming and outgoing guests.

  • Enrollment of up to 100 employees
  • Configure up to 5 waivers or NDAs
  • Configure up to 10 Visitor Profiles
  • Configure Optional Touchless Visitor Sign-In
  • Configure Visitor Pre-Registration Requirements
  • Configure Optional Delivery
  • 1 Hour Training and Overview

Save time and resources by setting up visitor and employee management in CloudBadging Location Management. CloudBadging Location Management (CLM) is a powerful application with an easy to use interface, but we understand not everyone wants to dedicate additional time to set up their account. With our professional CloudBadging Location Management Employee and Visitor Management Setup service, one of our dedicated customer success managers will setup and configure your CLM account for visitor and employee management.

Employee Enrolment
Your employees must be added to the CloudBadging Location Management Portal before they are able to check-in. Our visitor and employee management setup service save you time by doing this for you. Simply provide us with a list of your employees and we will do the work to add up to 100 employees as part of your setup.

Visitor Sign-in Setup
CLM’s visitor management can be configured to be as simple or as complex as you desire. You can require visitors to share their name and who they are visiting or fine-tune your questions to require specific information (organization, the purpose of visit, etc). We can create any unique question to solve your unique needs. In addition to questionnaires at sign-in, we can also capture acknowledgment and signatures for required documents such as NDA’s or waivers. Your setup includes configuring up to 25 visitor questions and up to 5 documents.

Visitor Pre-Registration
With CloudBadging Location Management, your account can be configured to allow employees to pre-register visitors. When pre-registered, visitors will already be enrolled for simple sign-in. You can send visitors a pre-registration email notifying them of relevant information (driving or parking directions, hours, etc). Your setup includes the creation of up to 10 visitor groups, the configuration of the visitor confirmation email, as well as configuring your account to require visitor pre-registration if desired.

Employee Education
Do you need to supply regular training to your employees and have them acknowledge certain documents? CloudBadging Location Management allows you to educate your employees on policies and procedures before they can finish checking in. They can be required to review specified training on a one-time or reoccurring basis. Your setup includes the configuration of up to 10 slides of e-learning or education programs as well as the alerts and upcoming renewal dates to go along with them. If desired, we will also configure the application to notify required persons when a renewal is overdue.

Alerts & Notification Setup
CloudBadging Location Management allows for alerts based on almost anything. We will configure up to 20 alerts based on your needs. These alerts can include notifications for employee movements, arrivals, long workers, expiration of qualifications or training, as well as watchlist notifications that alert you if a specific person attempts to sign in (such as a previous employee or competitor).

Printer Configuration(if selected)
If you selected the optional wireless visitor badge printer with your CloudBadging Location Management subscription, we can set up and configure your printer for CLM. This includes identifying the required data points to print on the badge from the list of available fields, updating the badge design to include your logo.

These features are not useful if you do not know how to use them. Each visitor and employee management setup includes an hour dedicated to reviewing your account and training you how to make future changes, run reports, and answer any questions you may have.

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