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EPI Suite Pro by ImageWare® Systems is the leading photo ID software solution for large organizations with multi-user network installations that need to cost-effectively issue, manage, produce and control thousands of secure ID cards.

  • Fully-featured software
  • Magnetic stripe, bar code & smart chip encoding
  • Database included
  • Unlimited records
  • ODBC-compliant

Users can track and issue multiple cards per person; automatically populate multiple cards with one person’s data, eliminating redundant data entry; and conduct a variety of batch operations like re-issuing, updating, printing, or adding groups of cards all at once.

To enhance security measures, EPI Suite Pro comes equipped with a guard station feature that enables guards or front office personnel to quickly check cards against a secure database of cardholder information, ensuring only valid cardholders gain access to a facility. Additional security features include the ability to encode data to bar codes, magnetic stripes, and smart chips; create The premier photo ID card software solution for large organizations multi-user security accounts; and enhance cards with hard-to-replicate design features such as microprinting, infrared bar codes, and transparency or fading effects.

EPI Suite Pro is ideal for large or multi-facility corporations, government organizations, transportation companies, • Smart face finding feature for consistent images of public utilities and universities.


With EPI Suite Pro, you don’t need a degree in graphic design to produce attractive ID cards. IWS EPI Suite Pro comes with ten pre-configured card designs–or users may custom-create an unlimited number of full-color, dual-sided card designs.

EPI Suite Pro also comes with a variety of design tools that enable users to add bar codes and magnetic stripes to card designs; import graphics for backgrounds; add logos and text; apply fading or transparency levels to images; convert images to grayscale or black and white, and use a mesh pattern feature to provide a ghosting or "watermark" effect. Backgrounds can even be removed from photos, giving them a floating effect. Designs can also include areas that contain header/footer information and exclusion areas to prevent ink from being applied over security features such as smart chips, holograms, or signature pads.

EPI Suite Pro also enables users to make global edits to layouts and will automatically resize all elements to adapt with a new printer, with no manual editing whatsoever.

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