Evolis Avansia ID Card Printer

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  • Printing Capability: Dual-sided
  • Print Technology: Reverse Transfer
  • Print Speed: Full-color dual-sided cards in 37.5 seconds, single-sided in 25 seconds
  • Input/Output Hopper: 250/250

Designed to securely print and encode large batches of ID card printers, the Evolis Avansia printer combines 600 dpi reverse transfer printing technology with a 250 card input hopper for fast and efficient ID card printing.


HD Quality ID Cards

Reverse transfer printers use a special printing technique to produce higher-definition ID cards for bright, detailed ID cards. First, the card design is printed on a clear film, and then the film is fused with the surface of the card. By first printing on the clear film, instead of directly onto the card, the Avansia can also print over the edge, eliminating white borders around your cards.

For additional definition in your cards, the Avansia prints in 600 dpi (dots per inch), delivering clear text, images, small details, and watermarks in perfect detail.


Multifunctional Cards

With four different encoding options, the Avansia can be customized to fit your organization's ID card needs. Magnetics stripe encoding is an easy way to track membership points for rewards cards, while contactless and smart cards are ideal for access control and cashless payments. Using your ID card printer to print and encode cards allows you to get more use from your printer, helping you save time and money


Easy Batch Printing

If you're printing larger numbers of cards, the ability to batch printing will save you time. The printer comes with a 250 card input hopper and a 250 card output hopper, allowing you to print 250 cards before needing to refill the hopper with more cards. And the 500 print ribbons also help minimize downtime between supply refills. In addition, the Avansia can print 144 single-sided cards per hour, or 96 dual-sided cards per hour.

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