Fargo 84517 HDP Half Panel YMCKK Ribbon – 750 Prints

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  • Half panel color ribbon
  • Two full panel resin black
  • Must be used with additional reverse transfer film or laminating printer

    Fargo HDP half panel YMCKK ribbon – a full color ribbon (Yellow, Magenta, Cyan) with two resin black (K) panels. Color panels are half the size of a normal ribbon, designed to print on only half a card (ideal for adding cardholder photos to pre-printed cards) while the black panels are full sized for printing on the front and back.

    For use with Fargo HDP5000 (may require firmware upgrade) and HDP5600 ID card printers.

    Prints: 750 dual-sided cards

    Compatible with: Fargo HDP5600, Fargo HDP5600 w/Lamination, Fargo HDP5600XE

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