Fargo HDP5600 XE Reverse Transfer ID Card Printer

Printer Type: Single-Sided
Sale price$3,596.98


  • Printing Capability: Single or dual-sided
  • Print Technology: Reverse transfer
  • Print Speed: Full-color single-sided cards in 24 seconds
  • Input/Output: 100/200 cards

The Fargo HDP5600XE features both single and dual-sided printing in either standard 300 dpi or high-resolution 600 dpi, and a three-year printer warranty with three years of loaner coverage.


Choose from Standard or High-Resolution Printing

Standard 300 dpi (dots per inch) printing creates many of the cards you see at work as employee IDs, at the grocery store as rewards cards, or at the gym as your membership card. They work well for most applications and comes standard in the HDP5600XE.


High-Quality Reverse Transfer Printing

The Fargo HDP5600XE uses reverse transfer printing technology to create cards that are more durable and higher quality than standard dye sublimation printed cards.

The reverse transfer printing process adds an extra layer of protection to your cards – the design is first printed onto a clear retransfer film, and then that film is applied to the card. This makes your cards more durable and more tamper-resistant.

And for printing on uneven card surfaces, such as smart cards with embedded chips, a reverse transfer printer is the recommended option to prevent damage to the printhead.

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