Fargo INK1000 ID Card Printer

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  • Printing Capability: Single-sided
  • Print Technology: Thermal Inkjet
  • Print Speed: 36 seconds per card
  • Input/Output: 100/30 cards

HID returns with the Fargo INK1000 Thermal Inkjet printer. The device is the most recent printer to be added to the HID collection and offers cost-effective inkjet printing while reducing your overall cost of ownership.


Thermal Inkjet Printing

HID has been known for its approach towards innovation, and the Fargo INK1000 continues in the same footsteps. HID's INK1000 ID Card Printer features exclusive inkjet printing technology, eliminating the need for expensive ribbons. The YMC (Yellow, Magenta, Cyan) ink cartridge lends itself to ease of use and affordability so you can focus on what matters most. Solvent ink (alcohol-based ink) adheres to your PVC cards and dries almost instantaneously. This specially formulated ink supports enhanced UV-stability, reducing the potential for fading cards.

A highly-specialized printer, the INK1000 has been engineered as the industry's first inkjet printer compatible with your standard CR8030 PVC card.


Ease of Use

Like many traditional inkjet printers, Fargo's INK1000 ink cartridge (YMC) is easy to install, allowing you to keep the job moving. The cartridge snaps into place easily, replacing the need for expensive ribbons and fragile printheads. Say goodbye to common direct-to-card ID printer troubles like ribbon breakage, ribbon misalignment, and printhead overuse. The INK1000 ID card printer is intuitive and requires no additional training or technical expertise to operate - just unbox, set up and you're ready to go.


Innovative Design & Low Maintenance

High-quality printing at a fraction of the expense, the Fargo INK1000 ID Card printer does away with the hassles usually found with many of today's direct-to-card printing options. The YMC ink cartridge colors are mixed to create any color you need for your desired output - including black! A single ink cartridge has the capability of producing more cards than a ribbon-based printer depending on the design. The INK1000 also allows you to keep your workspace free of clutter.

Designed with a small footprint, the printer can fit easily in the corner space of a desk or counter where the area is limited. One of the most beneficial features of the INK1000 is a same-side input and output card hopper - no more reaching around to load or retrieve cards. Combine this with an underside compartment-specific for the power supply, and you have a sleekly designed device with great cable management.


Photographic Printing Quality

The INK1000 ID Card printer provides unprecedented printing quality across images, text, and barcodes. With a 600 x 1200 dpi resolution and an endless array of color options afforded to you with the YMC cartridge, your ID cards will come out looking more professional. The device is also capable of printing small logos and micro-text easily legible so you can print in confidence. In most cases, in order to protect the printhead of a direct-to-card printer, ID cards need to be finished with a white border around the edge of the card. However, with thermal inkjet card printing, these obtrusive borders are eliminated with true edge-to-edge finishes. This flexibility applies across regular CR8030 cards and embedded chips inside of smart cards as well

The INK1000 provides outstanding performance and continues a longstanding tradition of unrivaled quality from the leading brand in card issuance.


Print Securely with Less of the Waste

Some designs don't require the full use of a traditional direct-to-card printer ribbon. Often times this will result in unused or wasted amounts of ribbon. In contrast, the Inkjet ID card printer only uses what you need to print your cards. And because there's no ribbon that's being printed on, you don't have to worry about shredding your old ribbons that may store data in.

The INK1000 Inkjet printer also has the capability to encode contactless cards with the modular drop-in feature provided by Fargo. Installation is easy too: just plug in the encoder into the back of your device and you're now set to print encoded ID cards in minutes!


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