HID 6005 ProxPoint Plus Black Card Reader

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HID 6005 ProxPoint Plus Black Card Reader

The HID ProxPoint Plus 6005 access control card reader is a small, affordable prox card reader that can read HID cards with formats up to 85 bits, working with most organization's access control systems.

Designed for Indoor and Outdoor Use

The HID 6005 ProxPoint Plus card reader is designed for either indoor or outdoor use and can be mounted directly onto metal, giving your organization flexibility in where you install it.

The black reader house is a rugged, weatherized material designed to withstand a wide range of temperatures (-22 to 150 F) and even provides a high degree of vandalism resistance.

Prox Card Read Range

Although the exact card read range will vary depending on your installation conditions, typical read ranges with the HID 6005 ProxPoint Plus black reader include:

  • ProxCard II card – up to 3"
  • ISOProx II card – up to 2.5"
  • DuoProx II card – up to 2.5"
  • Smart ISOProx/DuoProx II card – up to 2.5"
  • Proximity & MIFARE card – up to 2.5"
  • ProxCard Plus card – up to 1"
  • ProxKey II keyfob – up to 1.5"
  • MicroProx tag – up to 2"
  • AlphaPass prox card – up to 2.5"
  • AlphaPass clamshell card - up to 3"
  • AlphaPass key fob – up to 1.5"
  • AlphaPass tag – up to 2"

Card Reader Warranty

The HID 6005 ProxPoint Plus black reader comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

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