Matica XID 9300 Dual-Sided Printer with Single-Sided Lamination

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  • Dual-sided reverse transfer ID card printer with lamination ideal for moderate to high volume card printing applications
  • Special features: high quality, over-the-edge printing, enhanced security, and easy-to-use interface
  • Optional upgrades: encoding and extended warranty plans

What's Included

  • XID 9300 dual-sided retransfer printer with lamination
  • USB cable
  • Power cord
  • Microsoft Windows drivers
  • Empty ribbon cartridge (ribbon not included)
  • Empty re-transfer film cartridge (film not included)
  • 2 year printer warranty with lifetime printhead coverage


The Matica XID 9300 dual-sided ID card printer with lamination is ideal for organizations that require the personalization of secure ID and smart cards with high volume output. The Matica SR300 printer with lamination offers high quality and very durable, over-the-edge print results on several types of card materials, even on challenging uneven surfaces of smart cards. It can also print with non-PVC long lasting cards such as ABS, PET and polycarbonate ID cards. The standard security locks and diverse security features allow for highly secure and high volume operations such as government agencies, laboratories, and multinational corporations.

Product Features

    • Easy-to-use design
      The XID 9300 retransfer printer offers several features that offer maximum flexibility in a professional environment and innovative benefits for easy-of-use and durability. A rugged, industrial design with a compact shape allows for heavy-duty use in a relatively small area. The heavy-duty ART retransfer film helps increase the life and durability of your ID cards. The built-in operating panel with LCD display makes the printer easy to setup and operate, providing low ribbon warnings, cleaning notifications, automatic ribbon detection, and other functions.

    • High quality reverse transfer printing
      Reverse-transfer printing provides superior print quality over direct-to-card printing, producing rich, vivid images that extend to the edge of your cards. Plus, the Matica XID 9300 printhead is never in contact with the card with reverse transfer printing, which minimizes the risk of printhead damage and downtime.

    • Enhanced security features
      Diverse security features such as dye-sublimation UV ink ribbon and mechanical locks to access supplies helps secure the environment and cards from counterfeiting and avoid the misuse to personal information.

  • Lamination module included
    This XID 9300 printer includes a lamination module to extend the life and security of your ID cards.

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